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San Antonio’s Ghost and Murder Walk

When Ghost Tales Meet Real Crime. Experience the Haunted History of San Antonio!

Quick Details

Free cancelation up to 24 hours before your tour time. And if you need to cancel within 24 hours, we’re happy to reschedule you for any tour time in the future!

Child Ages 10 and under • Taxes Included
Adult Ages 11+ • Taxes Included

Experience the Haunted History of San Antonio!

Using expert storytellers, San Antonio’s Ghost and Murder walking tour is where excellent ghost stories meet true crime! This is San Antonio’s premier walking tour for lovers of ghost stories and those curious souls interested in uncovering San Antonio’s secret “true crime” past.

Founded by historian and professional storyteller Jim Miles, this San Antonio walking tour is thoroughly researched and sure to entertain.

About the Tour:

Delve deep into the dark history of San Antonio where the city’s eeriest tales and real-life crimes converge. With San Antonio’s Ghost and Murder walking tour, you won’t just listen to ghost stories; you’ll experience them. Coupled with true crime incidents, this is a one-of-a-kind exploration of the city’s mysterious past.

Founder’s Note

Our tour was founded by the historian and professional storyteller, Jim Miles. With in-depth research and captivating storytelling, Jim ensures every tale is both authentic and intriguing. This isn’t just a ghost tour; it’s a walk through time.

Key Details:

  • Ages: Suitable for all ages. Children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Duration: 1.5 hours of captivating stories and thrilling sights.
  • Departure: Meet us on the lawn outside Pinkerton’s BBQ.
  • Weather Policy: We embrace all kinds of weather – rain or shine! Bring your umbrellas if rain is forecasted. The stories are just as good, wet or dry!
  • Missed the Tour: No refunds for “day of” cancellations. But worry not, we’re happy to rebook you for another thrilling walk in the future.
  • Dress Code: Please wear comfortable shoes. This is a walking journey!

Highlights Include Stops At:

  • Old Bexar County Jail: Hear tales from behind the bars.
  • The Governor’s Palace & Main Square: Walk where political dramas and plots thickened.
  • San Fernando Cathedral: Discover spiritual stories and haunting melodies.
  • The Majestic Theater: Attend the performance of some eternal patrons.
  • The Alamo: Stand where heroes fell, and legends rose.
  • The Menger Hotel: Sleepless nights and ghostly apparitions await.
  • The Emily Morgan Hotel: Uncover why many say some guests never truly checked out…

Step into the past and experience San Antonio like never before. With San Antonio’s Ghost and Murder walking tour, the city’s history is not just told, it’s relived.

Book your tour today & embrace the unknown!