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About Us

More Than Guides; Storytellers

Our tour guides at Walking Tours of San Antonio are not your typical tour guides. We are passionate narrators and expert storytellers, with a deep knowledge of tales and an enduring love for the city we guide you through.

San Antonio’s Ultimate Ghost and Murder Walk

Crafting the perfect ambiance of spine-tingling ghost stories and the most gripping true crime tales of San Antonio, our tour promises a thrill but doesn’t keep you up at night! It’s the ideal experience for both die-hard ghost enthusiasts and true crime aficionados. And yet, it’s gentle enough for everyone in the family.

Brought to You by Experts

Our esteemed reputation is not by accident. Born from the brilliant minds behind Tour ATX, Austin’s premier walking tour company, you’re in experienced hands with us.

Meet Jim Miles: The Man Behind the Stories

Walking Tours of San Antonio is not just a business; it’s a labor of love. Jim Miles, our owner, operator, and often your guide, holds a master’s degree in Southern history. He’s not just a historian, but an actor and a masterful storyteller. Every guide you meet has been personally trained by Jim, ensuring an exceptional tour experience every time.

Jim Miles - Owner & Operator, Walking Tours of San Antonio

A Personal Note from Jim Miles

Hello, I’m Jim Miles,

As a child, the allure of history and the magic of storytelling captivated me. This passion paved the way for my master’s in Southern History and blossomed into a multifaceted career as a teacher, actor, and, most dear to me, a storyteller.

San Antonio, with its rich history and vivid tales, has a special place in my heart. Walking Tours of San Antonio (WTSA) is my ode to this city. It’s not just a tour, but a journey through time and tales. Each guide you encounter has been handpicked by me for their expertise, warmth, and most crucially, their storytelling prowess.

I invite you to embark on this journey and hope you cherish exploring San Antonio’s stories as much as we love narrating them.

Jim Miles

Owner & Operator, Walking Tours of San Antonio

Book Your Ghost & Murder Walk Adventure Today!

With Ghost Tour TX, every step you take is a story waiting to unfold. From our inception with Walking Tours of Austin to our expansion in San Antonio, we have consistently been about one thing: sharing incredible stories. Secure your spot today and let’s make memories!