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Murder and Ghosts of the Old Bexar County Jail: Haunting the Holiday Inn in San Antonio

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San Antonio is a city filled with rich history and ghostly legends, but few sites are as eerie as the old Bexar County Jail, now a Holiday Inn. This former detention facility, notorious for its violent past, is a central feature on San Antonio’s Ultimate Ghost and Murder Tour, hosted by For those who dare to explore, the Walking Tours of San Antonio tour reveals chilling tales of murder and restless spirits.

A Dark History 

Built in 1879, the Bexar County Jail was the scene of numerous executions and countless acts of violence. The jail’s gallows saw the end of many lives, and the despair within its walls was palpable. This dark history has imbued the building with an aura of the macabre, and many believe the spirits of the condemned still linger.

Ghostly Encounters 

Today, guests and staff at the Holiday Inn frequently report paranormal experiences. One of the most famous apparitions is a former inmate who was executed within the jail. His ghost is often seen wandering the hallways, accompanied by the eerie sound of footsteps echoing in the dead of night.

The basement, once the site of solitary confinement cells, is particularly infamous. Shadowy figures, thought to be the spirits of inmates who perished in isolation, are often spotted here. The oppressive atmosphere is heightened by sudden drops in temperature and unexplained noises.

Paranormal Phenomena 

Reports of flickering lights, doors that open and close by themselves, and disembodied whispers add to the building’s haunted reputation. These phenomena attract both skeptics and believers, making it a must-visit on this ghost tour.

A Haunted Stay 

For those fascinated by the paranormal, a stay at the Holiday Inn Express offers a unique opportunity to connect with San Antonio’s haunted past. Be warned, for those brave enough to stay on the third floor, don’t be surprised if you are awakened in the wee hours of the morning by a melodic sound. Many have reported hearing a haunting church hymn “ Near My God To Thee” filling the entire floor. This is the very song inmates used to sing to try to comfort the death row inmates who made their last slow walk down the 3rd floor hall to the gallows at the end.

San Antonio’s Ultimate Ghost and Murder Tour, available through, provides an unforgettable experience into San Antonio’s haunted and true crime past. Whether you’re participating in the tour or simply staying overnight, the old Bexar County Jail’s ghosts promise a spine-chilling adventure into the darker side of history.

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